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Discount Prescription Glasses

You can easily order discount prescription glasses that feature quality, comfort and style. Prescriptionglassesonline.net saves you money while meeting your vision and eye protection needs. We offer high quality eyeglasses, sunglasses at surprisingly affordable prices. Founded by eyeglasses experts, prescriptionglassesonline.net provides complete pairs of eyeglasses at a discount. Order for as little as $9! We also offer stylish prescription sunglasses for less. Every item we sell is backed by our satisfaction guarantee and friendly customer service. Browse our products for men, women and children. See how you can save!

Premium Prescription Eyeglasses

We unite a huge frame inventory with a superior lens selection so you can create your ideal glasses. Choose from fashion looks and innovative features. Select reading glasses or no-line bifocals. Find kids’ favorites and trendy adult glasses. Skip the pricey retail shop and buy the perfect pair of discount prescription eyeglasses online – with ease. At prescriptionglassesonline.net, we want to support your vision with the best lenses, well-made eyeglass frames and specialty finishes at very low prices. Wear the best prescription glasses for you that come with:

  • Lightweight and thin lenses
  • Premium glasses
  • Scratch-resistant coatings
  • A satisfaction guarantee and no hassle returns
Our premium quality eyewear and our sunglasses are made with modern facility. Even with superior workmanship, you can still save an amazing 80% by ordering our eyeglasses today.

Prescriptionglassesonline.net Makes it Easy to Buy Your Eyeglasses Online

Select glasses that flatter your face as you focus on the savings. Prescriptionglassesonline.net makes it easy to buy glasses online at cheaper prices. You’ll love your look and see it clearly because we have the fashionable frames you want surrounding the lenses you deserve.

Eyeglass Lenses for Less

Though we offer cheap lens prices, you never have to compromise. Experience prescription eyeglass lenses crafted from polycarbonate – the material customers prefer over standard lenses. It is impact-resistant, thin, and ultra-light. It’s the material of choice for kids eyeglasses. In addition to polycarbonate, our low-cost glass lenses can provide:

  • A scratch-resistant coating, at NO charge
  • 100% UV coating
  • Polished edges
  • Anti-reflective coatings for less
You can have the same eyeglass lenses, such as Transitions, which are sold at optical shops – but at a fraction of the cost. An anti-reflective coating can be added to your lens order, at well below regular retail pricing, to ensure clear vision in a range of environments.

Save on Prescription Sunglasses

Choose any of our stylish frames to customize non-prescription or prescription sunglasses. Order bifocal sunglasses too! Even refresh your favorite frames with our lens replacement service. To see how you look in a frame, upload your photo and start sampling styles. Whether you choose metal or plastic sunglasses, the UV-protective lens coatings will shield your eyes from harmful rays. A certified technician inspects each pair of Discount Prescription Eyeglasses or Sunglasses before shipment to ensure frame alignment and prescription accuracy. We package the glasses in a durable case to arrive in great condition. Here’s our guarantee:

Our frames and lenses will be free of defects,
and manufactured and delivered exactly as ordered.

Take advantage of the volume discounts that allow us to offer affordable eyewear with the same top quality materials available at the neighborhood optical store. With our online operations, we don't have expensive overhead costs. So we pass our savings on to you!